Watch: Top 5 Gaming’s “Fortnite LIED To Us…”

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Have we been lied to by Fortnite? Top5Gaming sure thinks so.

Fortnite has a reputation for bombastic live events, dynamic character designs, and huge crossovers that are bound to appeal to someone. They also have a history of not always delivering on big promises. From unreleased leaks to delays with hotly anticipated outfits to outright not delivering on promises.

Sometimes Fortnite just doesn’t deliver on promises. Or, sometimes they don’t deliver on leaks. Regardless, there’s a history here. Granted, it’s not the biggest thing Fortnite is known for but it’s got enough of a reputation of not delivering that it makes sense for Top5Gaming to do a video on them.

Now, I don’t agree that Fortnite lies, Epic Games surely has a whole host of various things to worry about, that sometimes you can just say things get overlooked, and that’s the cast for most of these. Yet, some are sketchy and others may be outright trolls.

No Sweat Summer isn’t helping Fortnite downplay this reputation

While things like Stormbreaker being locked to Thor and Family Guy not getting brought into the game yet are great examples, personally, they don’t bother me. No, I’m more upset over the No Sweat Summer live event.

Not only did we get some pretty weak original outfits, we also still have yet to get the new motorcycle/ATV that we’ve been promised for months now. Ever since the Imagined Order and The Seven started their war, the Quad Crashers have yet to return to the game or be properly replaced.

That’s not the only thing that irks me, either, as I’ve mentioned before the lake of skating in Fortnite has really bothered me. Why release a floating skatepark that can’t be properly used if you weren’t going to feature skating at some point this season? It was supposed to debut with the launch of No Sweat Summer, but here ware, mid-way through the event and we’re still waiting.

Here’s hoping they fix that issue in the foreseeable future.

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