Fortnite is bringing in John Cena but hopefully fans can see him

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WWE Legend John Cena is coming to Fortnite this week.

Fans have been expecting to see sports stars like Patrick Mahomes this season. Leaks came out a while ago that the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback had his logo uploaded to the game, but he’s yet to pop up. What fans didn’t expect was the hardest to see professional wrestler in history to debut in the game. That’s right, John Cena is coming to Fortnite.

Cena may be available by the time this article goes live, so be sure to check out the Fortnite Store to see if you can in fact see him. Don’t worry if you can’t, however, as he’ll be there sooner rather than later.

The game has already released its design, as well as its cosmetics for the release. The 16-time World Champion and WWE legend is being launched due in part to the Epic Games SummerSlam, named after the WWE’s summer premium live event of the same name. Cena, however, is not expected to be at SummerSlam this year, as the 46-year-old is semi-active at this stage of his career.

Epic Games
Epic Games /

What does John Cena come with as a character in Fortnite?

The character is set to debut on Friday, July 29, 2022. When he does you’ll get the Cena outfit, a WWE Championship Title back bling, the Five Digit Slapper pickaxe, and his iconic U Can’t C Me emote.

He comes with a shirt-wearing and shirtless option for those who want authentic Cena. Yet, I don’t think you can throw his hat at people just yet.

While it’s great that Cena is finally in Fortnite, no one else will be joining him in that game. Yet, the other two Epic Games; Fall Guys and Rocket League, will each feature WWE wrestlers as well.

Rocket League will see a Cena-themed green car, and a Roman Reigns-themed black car for players to get, while Fall Guys will see wrestler and G4 host, Xavier Woods, The Undertaker, and Asuka as playable characters in the game.

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