Ranking the costumes for No Sweat Summer after their arrival

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Fortnite has brought in new costumes for No Sweat Summer.

Fortnite fans have gotten a whole heaping amount of new costumes for No Sweat Summer now that it has finally happened. The game went out of its way to try and match the summer vibe with its newest creations and while some are lackluster there are a few, true, bangers here.

They’re some of the more inspired work that Fortnite has done in some time, at least the top few are. The rest are, well, ok. That’s the brand’s curse, some are really awesome, and others are really generic.

So for this article, we’re taking a look at all of the upcoming new costumes the Fortnite store will soon have to offer, and we’re ranking them from least impressive to most impressive.

Ranking the eight upcoming Fortnite costumes

8. Undercover Kor

Off-brand Harley Quinn for anyone interested.

7. Riptide Raz

At least he’s got great hair?

6. Medley

Ah, I see we’re sticking with uninspired, generic athlete designs.

5. Syd

Not the most original look by any means but the pink animal jacket works.

4. TBD

TBD brings a unique blend to the table but not one we haven’t seen before. The mysterious masked guy in a suit concept is a bit overplayed but his look still works.

3. Belle Berry

This is the type of stuff I love that Fortnite does. An original character, cel-shaded and decked out in pink and hearts.

2. Slayer Charlotte

While they may be doing the Goth Girl motif a bit more than I’d like, I’m also a sucker for it, so Slayer Charlotte is absolutely vibing with me.

1. Unstuffed Guff

Yeah, Unstuffed Guff is going to be a hit. While I’m no fan of tattoos, he’s a Doctor Suess character come to life.

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