Week 7 Quests for Chapter 3, Season 3 released for Fortnite fans

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Week 7 Quests have been released for Fortnite fans

No Sweat Summer is here and while it’s not exactly the most exciting event we’ve ever gotten, the hope is that more things get added as the event goes on. One of the things that are being added to the game is your next weekly set of quests.

The Week 7 quests have arrived and fans will get to have a summer style to go along with the quest hunting.

This week doesn’t seem to have that many challenging or dynamic challenges, so if you’ve always stayed away from quests due to how much map-questing you’d have to do to get stuff done, that doesn’t seem to be an issue this week.

Below are the quests, courtesy of Fortnite News.

Week 7 Quests

"Keep the first weapon you collect in your inventory until you reach top 20 players (1)Deal damage to airborne opponents (1)Destroy structures with a Baller (20)Throw different consumable pickups in a single match (3)Stop the music at Rave CavePerform an aerial 360 spin while dismounting a Wolf or Boar (1)Crack opponents’ Shields (3)"

For each completion of an event, you’ll receive 15,000 XP, while completing the Bonus Goals will net you 129,000 XP. Altogether, you can walk away with 234,000 XP for finishing all the goals for the week.

What are the hardest Week 7 Quests in Fortnite this time around?

Performing an aerial 360 Spin

This isn’t a hard challenge in essence, but if you’re like me, you’re not riding or driving anything to do anything but traverse the map. So if you’re map questing the game, you may not have a hard time with this quest, but I don’t generally go looking to ride animals when I do battle royale.

Destroy 20 structures with the Baller

This isn’t that much of a skill challenge as some of the others, but more of a time suck. It’s going to take you some time to destroy 20 structures. Moreover, what constitutes a “structure” and how destroyed does it have to be?

Deal damage to an airborne opponent

I don’t know how often you see an airborne opponent, nor do I know how good your aiming is, so this may be quite the challenge.

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