DC Characters are back in the Fortnite Store and that means we’re ranking them

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DC Comics characters are still available at the Fortnite store, and we’re ranking them.

DC Comics has characters available in their store and fans need to get on them before they’re gone. Though unlike the photo may suggest, Superman isn’t one of them. We just don’t have that many DC-inspired Fortnite photos to use. Though, Superman would be number one for many reasons if he were available.

DC Characters haven’t been featured in a while, but a lot of Marvel Comic characters have been, so if you were wondering when you’d get your chance to get more DC characters in your locker, now’s your chance.

Character costumes run from 1,200 to 2,200 V-Bucks depending on who you get. There are some bundles and some costumes are only available in the bundles. So who do we recommend getting?

Ranking the DC Characters in the store currently

12. Bloodsport

This DC villain looks so generic in his biker helmet that it isn’t even worth getting, an off-brand Snake Eyes of G.I. Joe fame.

11. Catwoman

Based on her Arkham character design, this Catwoman is as generic looking as they come. Gone are the purple spandex days.

10. Harley Quinn

I’m no Harley Quinn fan, but her Suicide Squad imagined attire is the worst.

9. Batman Zero

This version of Batman brooded his sleeves right off.

8. Rebirth Harley Quinn

The rebirth comics edition of Harley Quinn at least has her in her iconic black and red.

7. The Flash

Being based on the DC superhero show The Flash is bad enough but burgundy is not a heroic superhero color.

6. Wonder Woman

Classic comic Wonder Woman is best Wonder Woman.

5. Armored Batman

He’s Batman but in armor.

4. Black Manta

The unique shape of Balck Manta’s head makes him a must-have.

3. Deathstroke

Fans of a certain age will remember Deathstroke from Teen Titans and will remember just how incredible he was. Don’t fail him by getting wrecked as him in Battle Royale.

2. The Batman Who Laughs

He’s creepy and he’s cooky, he’s all a little loopy, he’s the Batman Who Laughs.

1. Beast Boy

He can be a green gorilla. He wins.

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