What’s new in Fortnite: Save the World thanks to the v21.30 Update

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How has Fortnite: Save the World changed with the v21.30 update?

The v21.30 update was supposed to bring a whole host of new things to the gaming world of Fortnite, and while the Battle Royale content was delayed, that doesn’t mean that every game mode is waiting for the biggest aspects of the update to be ready upon download.

On July 20, 2022, at 8 PM ET, a new daily quest, dubbed the “Birthday Quest” will be available each day for the rest of the next seven days. This is because it’s Fortnite: Save The World’s birthday. The game was released on July 25, 2017, and Fortnite is getting in on the fifth year anniversary of the game’s release.

If you take on these challenges, you’ll earn a “celebratory Birthday Llama” every day, while eliminating 50 “Cake Sploders” during the event will earn you additional Birthday Llamas. If you obtain Birthday Llamas, you’ll be able to “shore up your roster” or “progress the Collection Book”. Basically, these llamas will be able to give the players heroes and items from past Save the World seasons and events.

What else is coming to Fortnite: Save the World?

If you’re playing the “Hit The Road” questline, you’ll have more content this week. The character Quinn is back, and her “Shield’s Up!” modifier is available to use again for interested players. The Husks enemy type has apparently “beefed up” according to Fortnite’s website, so expect a stronger enemy type for now.

If you complete her quest and broadcast the Song of the Summer with Quinn, you’ll be able to unlock the Whiteout Fiona character.

Crackshot will return next week with the “Concussive Shieldbreak” modifier, so if players want to hop in on that they can.  Though, playing with Crackshot will see enemies being able to hide on the map. The reward is the Deciblaster however, so it may be worth your time.

Later in the month Penny and Cloaked Star will return for their “road trip” and the Parasaur Jess and Thunder Thora characters will be available. Fortnite’s website is recommending that players collect Hit the Road tickets, so you can then get a Red Llama, that will have four “Rad Heroes” or five “Boombox Weapons”.

Prehistoric classics have returned to the Event Store, and fans can now get Jurassic Ken and Archaeolo-Jess or the booming Surround Pound hammer starting this week as well.

July 24 will also see the return of VSS Gallant with the “Beyond the Stellar Horizon” event, and then on August 7, “Tales of Beyond” will return to the game as well. Participating in that event will see players unlock the primal Ninja Hero Paleo Luna character.

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