Is Fortnite going too far with nerfing the weapons of Chapter 3?

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Fortnite has reduced the power of certain weapons.

No one gets everything right the first time through, right? Being able to correct issues or re-do something is important if you mess up the first time through. We all make mistakes, right? Well, so does Fortnite, and they tend to correct their issues with updates. Yet, not every update corrects something that isn’t broken.

Fortnite has a history of this. Be it removing certain items fans like, nerfing the power of their favorite weapons, or simply adding something that is truly game-breaking. Yet, this time, they may have ruined two weapons.

The latest fix saw the game decide to reduce damage on a few weapons, namely the Striker Pump Shotgun and the Striker Burst AR. The shotgun won’t do as much damage now when it strikes a player’s body and the Striker Burst AR will now do less damage from maximum range.

Nerf the Burst AR all you want but leave the Striker Shotgun alone

The Burst Assault Rifle is the bane of my existence and not only should it be nerfed to high heaven and then vaulted for eternity. It’s the most obnoxious weapon in the game currently, at least in my opinion, so I have no issue with that being adjusted.

The issue I have comes with the fact the Striker Shotgun had its damage reduced. As far as shotguns go, it is among the most powerful in the game’s franchise, but they are also among the slowest, if not the slowest in the game.

So many other shotguns are automatic and don’t require the player to pump the new round into the chamber after each shot. That takes valuable time and man, sometimes it’s time you don’t have.

The trade-off for that slowness is its stopping power. It’s a huge player stopper, and nerfing it in any way whatsoever is only making it less useful. This isn’t an issue on its own, but when the best shotguns are vaulted and this one remains, it’s a problem.

Now players who use shotguns have less of a reason to use this one.

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