Are the new social tags really something that work for Fortnite players?

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Fortnite brought in social tags but are they really something fans want?

Fortnite is really going through some major changes this year. We had new mechanics like sprinting, sliding, mantling, crouching, and the shoulder bash all added. We’ve had new game plays like Zero Build and of course the over shield that came with it.

Another thing Fortnite brought in was a new social tag function, that allowed players to select their favorite game modes and other smaller qualifiers so other players know what they’re about.

You can currently add three different tags to your profile, which will be chosen from your favorite types of game modes, competitive tags, and your “gameplay vibes”, with more on the way. They’re not super popular at the moment, and people really aren’t talking about them in the community that I can see. They’re different and new but are they really worth the time of the Epic Games staff to be focusing on adding them, and what’s the end game?

The social tags for Fortnite don’t seem to be that popular

Fans aren’t really embracing the new gamer tags that I see, and I worry that the developers are spending more time on getting these things to work and expanding the selections as opposed to doing some things that players really want.

It’s not a huge issue, admittedly. Unlike other games like Overwatch, Fortnite really does a good job of adjusting to the needs and complaints of the fans. So this isn’t a game-breaker, it’s just something that doesn’t really have a clear end game.

The only thought I can think of is that they’re trying to facilitate more players friending one another during and after matches. That’s one thing I’ve found that games like Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto Online do a better job, is creating a more close-knit player base.

Then again, the Battle Royale structure of the game mode doesn’t really allow players to work together and build relationships, so that’s a major reason why things are the way they are. Who knows if counter-acting this is the reason why we have tags now.

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