New outfit leak hints at long-awaited Xander costume

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Fortnite may finally be bringing in the long-rumored Xander costume.

Fortnite is rumored to bringing in a bunch of new cosmetics following the v21.20 update earlier this week. The good folks at Fortnite News went out of their way to compile all the rumored leaks that are coming soon to the Fortnite store.

All in all, 11 outfits, eight cosmetics, four loading screens, and nine sprays are all coming sometime this season. You can see all the stuff coming below;


  • Khari
  • Tilted Trooper
  • Recline Raider
  • Wailing Warrior
  • Pleasant Patroller
  • ‘Mato Marauder
  • Fearless Flusher
  • Lucky Leader
  • Salty Striker
  • Risky Raider
  • Dusty Daredevil

Cosmetics and such

  • Truth’s Quiver back bling
  • Season Signature back bling
  • Fortnite Champion Series back bling
  • Moonlit Bowblade pickaxe
  • Fort Knighted emote
  • Emergency Raft glider
  • Neural Web wrap
  • Cuddly Glow wrap

Loading screen’s

  • First misadventure loading screen
  • Seeker’s Strike loading screen
  • Nana-Nana Hammock loading screen
  • The Gang’s All Here loading screen


  • Galaxy Creation spray
  • Double Draw spray
  • Blue Striker Sprint spray
  • King and Champion spray


  • Glowy Zoey emoticon
  • Solo Tour emoticon
  • Riffed emoticon
  • Wavy Team Leader emoticon
  • Swirly Komplex emoticon
  • Tie Dye Drift emoticon
  • Friend-zy emoticon
  • Peaceful emoticon
  • Doctor Jones emoticon

While the leaks are fine, none of the outfits really piqued our interest. Yet, one of the sprays did. It’s called the Double Draw spray and long-time fans may notice that it looks just like long-rumored outfit Xander.

Is Xander finally coming to Fortnite?

Xander has been rumored to be joining Fortnite since Dec 5, 2020, as part of the Immortal Sands set. Yet, he never came, and for 18-plus months, fans have waited. There are rumors upon rumors of his eventual arrival into the game after all this time but they are just that; rumors.

Yet, this new spray may be the first sign that Xander is finally coming to the game.

Either that or Fortnite is trolling the fanbase hard.

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