What’s new in Fortnite’s Battle Royale after the v21.20 patch notes

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Fortnite updated Battle Royale with the v21.20 but what’s new?

Fortnite has updated the Battle Royale gameplay with the latest v21.20 patch. While nothing as major as parkour or sprinting has come to the game with the latest update, fans should still look at what was added to the game.

First up is the Shuffled Shrines POI has been officially changed. The location now features new traps, as well as some minor loot placements. The new POI replaced the temple nearest to the Joneses.

One of the traps at the POI is the giant boulder that nearly crushes Indiana Jones, which is a good thing, as Jones himself is also in the game finally. So you can reenact your favorite scene from the film thanks to the Battle Pass, which is where you can unlock Jones.

We have a new update to the weaponry as well, as the Charge SMG has been added to the game, resulting in the Combat SMG being vaulted. The Charge SMG is the ultimate in spray and prays weaponry. If you hold down the trigger button long enough you can empty the entire clip in one single attempt.

What else is new in the Fortnite v21.20 update?

Not only are fans going to have to get used to dealing with a new bunker killer like the Charge SMG, but fans will also have new ways of building and creating bunkers, thanks to the Port-A-Fort device, which is back in the game.

The item will create a ready-made fort for you to use as your own and will be usable in all modes, including Zero Build. Which kind of defeats the purpose of Zero Build.

If you’re curious about what changes have come to the competitive side of Fortnite’s Battle Royale, we have that covered. The Combat SMG is still in competitive outings, and the Charge SMG has not and probably won’t be included. The Port-A-Fort will also not be included in the competitive side of the game.

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