Fortnite has a new Locker Bundle available for Sparkles_QT

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Fortnite has released a brand new Locker Bundle for Sparkles_QT.

Fortnite has always found a way to find ways to cater to creators and the streaming community. It makes sense, as Fortnite is as big as it is due to the popularity of Twitch. Twitch was the platform that took the game to the next level, so streamers are also seen as a high-value commodity by the Fortnite and Epic Games. Enter Sparkles_QT.

Sparkles_QT is one of the more popular streamers on Twitch and is an apparent fan of Fortnite, as evident by the fact she was the latest streamer to get her own Locker Bundle from the franchise.

Her Locker Bundle will cost 2,400 V-Bucks and contains the Party Diva outfit, the Light Knives pickaxe, the Star Power emote, and the Sticker Star wrap

You can purchase her set on the Fortnite store, but be quick, the bundle won’t be available for long.

Sparkles_QT is one of the better Locker Bundles in recent memory

We’re about two weeks removed from when Sommerset had her Locker Bundle released. Her bundle wasn’t the best, however. I’m an outfit-first kind of guy and if the outfit for the bundle isn’t worth it, none of it is.

Sommerset used the Iso outfit, and I wasn’t a fan.

Sparkles_QT uses a much better outfit for her set. It’s not the best outfit out there, but there is clearly a pink theme that the bundle is going for, and the outfit in question has hair that best fits the other cosmetics of the bundle.

So that alone makes it better than the Sommerset bundle. Yet, is it worth the money needed to purchase it?


There are better outfits, better designs, and better bundles to spend your money on, so unless you’re collecting all of the Locker Bundles (or all of the outfits in general), there’s no reason to purchase this one.

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