Fortnite’s longest vaulted outfit really isn’t something all that special

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Fortnite’s longest unvaulted outfit isn’t really something to hide away.

Whether you like it or not, one of Fortnite’s biggest models for making money involves selling costumes in their item menu. They’ve done a great job of developing this model, where they have a constant rotation of new and old designs debuting. They also keep certain items out of the store for long periods of time to goose their inherent value of them is among the tactics they use.

They’ve done a great job at manufacturing a market for costumes that don’t affect the game in any way. So it’s not that surprising to find out that there are outfits that have not seen the light of day in nearly four full years. Why? Just to one day put it on sale for 24 hours and get a nice return on investment.

Yet, is the costume that has been vaulted the longest really that impressive enough to warrant such an honor?

The longest vaulted outfit isn’t anything special

Thanks to Fortnite News, we now know that the Special Forces outfit is the outfit we’ve not seen in the longest amount of time. Fans have not had a chance to purchase it in nearly 1,400 days (1,389 as of July 4, 2022).

The outfit really isn’t anything special and certainly isn’t one that should be considered “rare”. It’s an old outfit, yes, but it isn’t a spectacular-looking one or is really too far off from the generic models you get when you start the game.

The all-black look and the beret makes it interesting to a degree, but to be vaulted for nearly 1,400 days says that it’s more likely not a particularly in-demand outfit, and less a very valuable outfit.

The other nine longest vaulted outfits can be seen below.

"Rogue Agent – Last available 1,388 days agoSpecial Forces – Last available 1,257 days agoReflex – Last available 1,218 days agoBlack Widow Outfit – Last available 1,155 days agoWorld Warrior – Last available 1,072 days agoInfiltrator – Last available 1,068 days agoSledge – Last available 1,034 days agoMunitions Major – Last available 1,032 days agoSureshot – Last available 1,011 days agoKnockout – Last available 1,006 days agoThe Sureshot Outfit"

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