Fortnite’s Blimp Wars will make sure you get all the blimp action you can handle

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Fortnite has more than just Battle Royale, like its Blimp Wars game mode.

Fortnite has really found a way to make their game the end-all-be-all of the video game world. There’s really nothing it can’t do. From Battle Royale’s to hide-and-seek, to platforming, the world of Fortnite is endless. I’m surprised they haven’t tried to make a more sports-focused game yet considering they have the ball-kicking mechanic pretty much locked down.

So it shouldn’t surprise anyone to find out that the game does in fact have a variety of modes that probably stretch into the hundreds if not more. One of the more recent ones that we’re going to talk about is the Blimp Wars game mode that you can get your hands on.

The official description from Fortnite describes the game in the following manner;

"Battle on top of moving blimps in this 12v12 team battle to be the first to reach 1000 eliminations."

Blimp Wars brings in the worst part of any platformer and makes it interesting

Made by Twitter user @TheBonnieKiwi, the Fortnite map features moving blimps that you can use to your advantage, while you and your 11 teammates try to eliminate the other team the most number of times. It’s a game of “first to 1,000”, so you better believe you’re going to be getting your money’s worth for this one.

And by money, I don’t mean money, as it’s free to play.

Blimp Wars is really close to being a platformer, where pinpoint accuracy will be needed as you traverse the scaffolding. It’s the worst part of platforming games, you know, the actual platforming, and while it isn’t too prevalent in this map as opposed to say, Mario, you are going to have to be good at jumping.

That said, the idea of being able to pick up a downed enemy and yeet them off the edge is a deliriously fun thought.

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