Watch: Get all caught up with the Fortnite story thanks to Top5Gaming

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The Fortnite story has been compiled into a cinematic film by Top5Gaming.

The Fortnite story is long, complicated, and not something easily revisited through the game itself. There aren’t a lot of explainers, there aren’t a lot of opportunities to be filled in on past action and play through previous seasons or events? Forget about it.

So fans have got to get creative when they catch up on Fortnite lore. So if you’re a new fan, or an older fan who may have forgotten some important details, you may be able to find (not that) old comics, or Fortnite official updates to help fill in gaps but mostly you’re going to be relying on the community to catch up on things you may have forgotten or missed.

I for one didn’t get into the game until 2021, so I was left out of many plot points and moments that would help put things into proper context. The good thing is most chapters do a good job of being self-contained, as well as continuous. If you know the lore, you’ll be filled in fully, but if you don’t know, you won’t be too far out of the loop.

It’s a simple story like that.

However, what if you wanted to catch all the way up?

Top5Gaming uploads the entire Fortnite story in a new cinematic video

If you’re hoping to get all the way caught up Top5Gaming released a near-hour-long video.

The video does a good job blending together all of the important moments in the history of Fortnite cinematics and you can tell that the game is putting more of an emphasis on the story than in the earlier days of the game.

This is a good thing, as even though it’s an online shooter, it still needs the plot to keep fans interested if there are fans who want that sort of thing.

I know I’m one of them, and have even been preaching about the need for an off-line, story-driven mode beyond that of Fortnite: Save the World, as the two games tell different stories.

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