Watch: Top5Gaming’s “25 Things Fortnite DOESN’T Want You To Know”

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Top5Gaming wanted to remind us about the things Fortnite wants us to forget.

Fortnite has been around for a pretty long time for a video game. It’s not likely to get a sequel, as there’s no real need to bring one in when the entire game can just be updated on the fly like it is. So that means that Fortnite may have a run similar to that of Grand Theft Auto V, a game that is nearly a decade old.

Yet, with the longevity that a game like Fortnite has, there are bound to be moments and mistakes that they’re hoping we just forget about. Top5Gaming decided to look at those things and compiled a list of 25 things Fortnite doesn’t want us to know about.

Most of these things are silly and stupid but some of them are worth talking about in further detail below.

5 silliest things from the video that Fortnite tried to hide

Evie Outfit Controversy

Reducing the bust on Evie was a silly thing to do. It was clearly done thinking they’d be supported for it, as it was probably viewed as “de-sexualizing” the character, but all they ended up doing was catching flack for body shaming. Let this be a lesson to you Fortnite, don’t change things that aren’t broken.

Riding the Ripsaw

Apparently, you can ride a deployed saw blade from the Ripsaw launcher. All you have to do is point down at the ground and fire, and you’ll be taken away on the sharpest magical carpet ride of your life. This may be patched over eventually, but I’m hoping not. This is the dumb silly stuff that makes Fortnite so much fun.

Underwater swimming

Fans want to swim underwater and apparently, there was a mechanic to do just that but it’s been shelved. Hopefully, this gets added in sooner rather than later.

Skeleton Llama Sunny Steps

This one is just weird. Apparently, in an old version of the game, you could find llama skeletons on Sunny Steps. Since the llamas are pinata’s basically, this is horrifying.

Swing Sets that banned you

This one was a classic from the early days of the game. There was a swing set in-game that had working physiques and if you used it too inappropriately or too much, you would be banned from the game. Talk about dumb reasons to ban someone.

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