What’s new in Fortnite’s Creative Mode thanks to the v21.30 Update

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What was changed in Fortnite’s Creative Mode with the v21.30 update?

Fortnite is trying to keep the game as motivated and up-to-date as possible while they wait for the next season to begin. The game’s third season of Chapter 3 isn’t expected to end for nearly three more months, concluding sometime around the start of October, and while big things like a re-worked creative mode and first-person gameplay is being hinted at, the game has largely disappointed during the summer months to keep things fresh and new.

Did the v21.30 update help with the Creative Mode? No, not really.

Yet, it did introduce some new changes. Firstly the Prime Shotgun has been added to the Creative Mode, as was the new Player Marker option. You can also now select new locations, like Deserted Fortress the WAterfall Gallery, and the Cuddle Tree Prop Gallery for your creative maps.

The new Player Marker option will now allow you to display information about the player. Things like the nameplate, health, shield, resources and etc can now be displayed over their heads if you so wish. It will even track how far away they are from you in the game. Not only that but you can edit the icons on the marker while being visible on the main map and mini-map as well.

For more information on the Player Marker, click here.

What other updates and fixes have been brought to the Creative Mode?

Fortnite’s official website has also updated the creative mode to include the following changes;

"Prefab and Gallery UpdatesAdded Creative-exclusive assets making up Deserted Fortress, which features one Prefab and three Galleries.Deserted Fortress PrefabDeserted Fortress Floor & Stair GalleryDeserted Fortress Wall GalleryDeserted Fortress Prop GalleryAdded the Waterfall Gallery.Added the Cuddle Tree Prop Gallery.Device UpdatesYou can now use the Search bar in the Color Picker and Icon Picker, to search for a color or icon by name. Any color that does not have a name is now associated with its Hex Code representation.The Icon Library has been expanded with an additional 274 icons! This will affect the following devices:Accolade deviceBall Spawner deviceBeacon deviceCapture Area deviceExplosive deviceMap Indicator deviceObjective Item GalleryPlayer Counter devicePlayer Marker deviceTracker deviceA new Do Not Despawn option has been added to the Creature Spawner and CreaturePlacer devices. With this option set to On, creatures won’t get despawned when they get too far from the device.Prefab and Gallery FixesFixed an issue where individual assets from the Iridescent Mountains Gallery could not be placed from the opened Gallery.Fixed an issue where some assets from the Sports Gallery did not have destruction VFX.Corrected some text and spelling errors in the Creative UI.Device FixesFixed an issue where players would be pushed through the Prop Manipulator device when moving near it.Fixed an issue where channels were resetting on the Button device.Fixed an issue with the Video Player device not playing videos in certain situations.Fixed a memory issue with Item Spawners.Fixed an issue where players could not place vehicles inside the Skydome Volume device.Fixed an issue with the Color Picker’s Search box in the Skydome Volume device Customize panel.Fixed an issue involving the Campfire device extinguishing itself without receiving an extinguish signal."

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