The Minty Legends pack is back in the store and it offers some interesting options

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The Minty Legends pack is back in the Fortnite store

Fortnite is always bringing in new and interesting cosmetics for players to get their hands on. Not all of it is new in the sense that it’s the first time it’s been released but some of it is new to others depending on when they start playing. This is true for the Misty Legends Pack.

The Fortnite store has brought back the Minty Legends pack and it has given players a unique crop of costumes and items that fans may like to get their hands on. The Minty Legends pack includes three costumes, Fresh Aura, Minty Bomber, and Skellemint Oro.

It also comes with the Minty Multipack, the Miny Mountaineer, and Mint Mantle back blings as well. The pack also includes three pickaxes, the Minty Mountaineer, the Freshbreaker, and the Triple Mint Scepter pickaxe. So this pack offers a lot of variety. You’ll also get a wrap, the Fire Mint wrap, as well as 1,000 V-Bucks.

The Minty Legends pack includes a great costume

The names and theme of the pack is a rather silly idea and gimmick for the Fortnite bundle but it does contain some of the cooler items and arguably the coolest pack-based outfit you can get currently on the store.

The Skelemint Oro design is among the cooler ones in the game. Its bones are blue and have a green aura emanating from its core, and the colors blend together beautifully to give this character a truly unique design that could truly fit in any holiday.

Fortnite doesn’t always land with their character designs, as the rest of the pack stands as a perfect example of this. The lackluster character designs for the other two characters really give one pause to purchase the pack.

They’re mostly just color palette swaps of generic-looking designs. Yet, if you like the Skellemint Oro design or one of the others enough, it may be worth a purchase.

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