Fortnite brings No Sweat Summer to players with new summer event

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No Sweat Summer is here in Fortnite but is it worth your time?

No Sweat Summer is finally in Fortnite and will be here for several weeks. The summer theme is supposed to bring a whole host of new things to do for the summer, including using new weapons, a new concert, and being able to hop on a skateboard.

Though, it appears as though No Sweat Summer forgot to bring in some of those things with the launch of the new event.

So far the much-ballyhooed event has been nothing but a quest-a-thon with a few new cosmetics to purchase. Not exactly the summer block party that the event has been hyped in and out of the community. Here’s a list of the new quests you can complete.

"No Sweat Sponsorship Quests (progressively become available July 21 – 23)“The No Sweat Sponsorship Quests will see you transporting a No Sweat sign and… well, that’s the only physical work you have to do. You’ll also be tasked with riding the boat race circuit and making someone else dance. It’s the No Sweat way!”Rewards: Ice-Blasted Snow Crunchem Back Bling, Meowscles’ Tail Style of the Ice-Blasted Snow Crunchem Back Bling & XPNo Sweat Marketing Quests (progressively become available July 24 – 27)“It’s time for the No Sweat Marketing Quests! These Quests will see you dance, do some door-to-door sales, pull a boat stunt, and ‘pass out’ some sweet treats.”Rewards: Fishy Flurry Style of the Ice-Blasted Snow Crunchem Back Bling & XPNo Sweat Product Recall Quests (progressively become available July 28 – August 3)“We hate to say this is inevitable, but…”Rewards: No Sweatin’ Lobby Track, Goopy Guff Style of the Ice-Blasted Snow Crunchem Back Bling & XP"

No Sweat Summer not bringing in the skateboard/skating mechanic at launch was a mistake

In the middle of the beach, there’s a skate park. Not just meant as a cosmetic to use in a battle, but as an actual park in which you can skate in the game. This was a big selling point of No Sweat Summer, and every leaker and major content creator hyped the arrival of the skating mechanic.

Yet, the event launched, and…nothing. It was a huge letdown for players who were excited for the new mechanic to be added to the game. Sure, it’ll get added eventually, we hope, but to launch the event with such a desired piece of the update not included was incredibly disappointing.

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