Fortnite fans can now get their hands on the Boardwalk Warriors Pack

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Fortnite fans didn’t get much for No Sweat Summer but they did get a new pack to purchase.

Fans hoping for a wild time with No Sweat Summer may be greatly disappointed with how little the event actually gave players to do outside of a few new quests. The idea of skating was promised months back but it never came to fruition. Yet, one thing that did was the promise of new cosmetics.

One of the biggest new cosmetics was going to be Unstuffed Guff, one of the more sillier and unique designs Fortnite has created in some time. He works perfectly for the vibe of the game, and while the tattoos aren’t great, he’s pretty interesting.

So it was nice of Fornite to include him in their new summer-themed pack, the Boardwalk Warriors Pack.

With the purchase, you can get the outfits of Riptide Raz, Unstuffed Guff, and Undercover Kor. You’ll also get three back bling, the Cubic Thorn, Sea Scavenger, and Chain Cape.

There’s also a new Tidal Vibes Pack, which comes with three pickaxes, sold separately, which comes with the Cube Flayer, Regal Sunset, and Kor Cutters pickaxes. All three are from the Tidal Vibes Pack.

Getting Unstuffed Guff is great but the other cosmetics are lacking

The pack will run you 2,400 V-Bucks, and honestly, you’d be better off just getting Unstuffed Guff on your own. The other two cosmetics aren’t anywhere near as good as others that were released alongside No Sweat Summer, with most of them being pretty generic and unoriginal.

This is the big issue I have with the No Sweat Summer, is the lack of things that the event gave fans. After all of this hype and hoopla about the event, we’ve gotten pretty uninspired stuff.

This pack is proof of that. They knew Unstuffed Guff would be a big get, but the others are pretty generic and it makes the pack less desirable.

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