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Fortnite has had a lot of content creators but Top5Gaming is looking at the ones who left.

When looking at the world of Fortnite, we need to keep in mind that it’s not just a game, it’s an entire enterprise. The game is the central hub, sure, but there are so much peripherals out there, like content creators, extra content, and all sorts of random goodies.

It’s also important to realize that not everyone started playing Fortnite at the same time and unlike picking up a show on Netflix that has 10 seasons to catch up on, there isn’t an easy way to go back and check out what came before.

That’s why we promote Top5Gaming so heavily here, as they do a great job of keeping players up to speed with what’s new, while also touching base on what came before. This week they’re looking at the 10 YouTube content creators who have stopped making content, or as they put it, “disappeared”.

This video should remind fans that content creators can be burnt out easily

Fans shouldn’t be too surprised that the overwhelming majority of these YouTubers cited burnout from creating videos. It’s a hard thing to find joy in something they dedicated their lives to. As a content creator myself, though as a writer, I can completely empathize with the idea of being burnt out creatively.

That’s why I take on multiple different genres to write about at once, as it helps keep the creativity flowing. I’m not bogged down by just one topic, I can zip around from idea to idea with my only limitation being time.

Yet, when you start creating content on a streaming platform, you kind of have to keep that channel dedicated to what brought you to the dance. So if you blow up thanks to Fortnite, that’s what people expect.

Normally, like with channels like with the Zelda-themed YouTube channel, Zeltik, that’s doable. The lore and variety of games keep creators engaged for years. Yet, Fortnite’s lore isn’t that impressive, nor is it as long as something like Zelda, so there’s less to be engaged with.

So if you’re thinking of creating your own YouTube or Twitch channel playing Fortnite, make sure you also pepper in other things into your channel to keep the burnout from cropping up.

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