Fortnite fans will soon be able to bring bosses into creative

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Fortnite fans will soon be able to battle bosses in creative.

Creative fans of Fortnite have long wanted a more intuitive and unlimited version of the game’s creative mode. That has been promised for some time, a completely rebuilt creative mode. A whole new experience from top to bottom. Until that comes, if it ever does, fans will just have to enjoy all the new features this one is giving players.

Like the ability to fight bosses in creative.

This would be huge for guys designing their own game modes, especially if you have full access to any former boss in the game’s history. Now, likely, any special bosses, themed around an event, probably won’t be able to be used. So it isn’t likely we’ll get Darth Vader in the mode, but maybe guys like Huntmaster Saber?

Now that would be a cool feature to dive into. Plus it would sure help practice new ways to take down bosses.

The ability to play against bosses outside of Battle Royale is long overdue

Considering how hard some of these bosses are in Fortnite, being able to play against them in a game mode where you don’t have to worry about other players is absolutely a needed feature. When challenging a guy like Darth Vader, you have to worry about all sorts of things besides just the fight itself.

It makes it hard to focus on the best ways to combat Vader, and more importantly, being able to do it with the 10 or so minutes it takes once you’re eliminated. You have to wait for a new game to start up, then you have to wait to load in, then you’re on the battle bus, then you’re dropping in, getting items, and going for the boss.

It’s a pain in the rear to have to go through all that just to keep testing yourself against a boss. Then to get headshotted while trying to find shield items before you even get to the battle is just a pain.

Creative modes where you can challenge bosses are long overdue.

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