Fortnite and Magic the Gathering have finally crossed paths

Magic: The Gathering players at Level 1 Games in Pequannock, N.J. in December 2018.Img 1862
Magic: The Gathering players at Level 1 Games in Pequannock, N.J. in December 2018.Img 1862 /

The world of Fortnite and Magic the Gathering collide in a new card set.

Are you someone who enjoys both Magic the Gathering card game and the Fortnite video game franchise? Well, you may be in luck as the franchises are teaming up for a new set of cards that players can not only collect but use in upcoming card tournaments.

There will be seven Fortnite-themed Magic cards that won’t just be collectible items. These cards will be able to be used in any Magic the Gathering card tournaments you may be entering, the only thing you need to know is if the card type is legal in the tournament. If it is, your Fortnite card is ready to go. Here are the seven cards that we know of;

"1x Wrath of God as “Shrinking Storm”1x Dance of Many as “Dance Battle”1x Etherium Sculptor as “Supply Llama”1x Grim Tutor as “Crack the Vault”1x Triumph of the Hordes as “Battle Royale”1x Smuggler’s Copter as “Battle Bus”1x Planar Bridge as “The Cube”"

The pricing for these is a bit steep for a non-Magic the Gathering player, with the non-foils running $29.99/€34.99*/£29.99*/ CN¥238.00/SG$43.88 across the board. While foils are going for $39.99/€44.99*/£39.99*/ CN¥318.00/SG$58.88 (courtesy
*Inclusive of local VAT

The cards are nothing more than traditional Magic cards re-skinned with Fortnite designs and will work just as those standards cards do.

You can purchase the cards in a few days at the above link provided.

This team-up with Magic the Gathering is brilliant marketing for Fortnite

Magic the Gathering has grown in popularity over the last few years. At one time it was a very fringe group of players, but as the internet grew, the fans of the game started to grow and now it’s one of the more popular card games going.

Epic Games would be wise to continue these types of crossovers, though it would be a bit odd to see Fortnite-themed Pokemon cards.

Wouldn’t hate the idea though.

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