Ranking the new costume packs that are 50% in the Fortnite store

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Fortnite has three new packs fans can get their hands on.

Fans of Fortnite can now get their hands on some affordable and cheap costume packs. Each one of these packs is 50% off at the Fortnite store. They include the Lava Legends Pack, the Magma Masters Pack, and the Summer Legends Packs.

The Magma Masters and Summer Legends Packs include three costumes for fans to use, while the Magma Masters pack only includes two. This is partly why it’s 50 cents cheaper. Though, to be fair, it should be about two dollars cheaper considering.

The Magma Masters pack comes with the Molten Ragnarok, Incinerator Kuno, and Roast Lord outfits, as well as the Tire Fire back bling, the Feathered Flames back bling, and the Dual Karma back bling.

The Lava Legends  Pack comes with the Molten Battle Hound and Molten Valkyrie outfits, as well as the Lavawing glider, the Molten crested Cape back bling, and the Molten Valkyrie Wings back bling.

The Summer Legends Pack comes with the Unpeely, Tropical Punch Zoey, and Summer Fable outfits. They also include the Banna Cabana, Trapper Pack, and Sour Swirl back brings as well.

You can purchase all three packs at the Fortnite store.

"Magma Masters Pack$7.49 USD / £5.49 GBPLava Legends Pack$7.99 USD / £6.49 GBPSummer Legends Pack$7.99 USD / £6.49 GBP"

Ranking the newly discounted packs

3. Magma Masters

While the Magma Masters set carries three outfits as opposed to two, like the Lava Legends, the Magma Masters designs aren’t as crips, and none of them come with a glider. While costumes get priority for me, I do still weigh things like accessories.

2. Summer Legends

Tropical Punch Zoey is a dope design, it’s just a shame she’s bundled with the generic Summer Fable look and the horrifying to consider Unpeely design. He skinned himself, people. Just to go tanning.

1. Lava Legends

I’m a big fan of the Battle Hound design and have the base model in my own locker. That gives the automatic win, but the Lavawing glider is peak, and fans should really go out and check it out for themselves.

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