Ranking the 3 new NPCs coming in No Sweat Summer

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Fortnite’s No Sweat Summer is debuting three new NPCs for the upcoming event.

Fortnite is bringing in No Sweat Summer starting the 17th and man, they’re a whole lot of things fans are going to be able to do, and we’re going to talk about all of them in the coming articles. The first one we’re talking about is the new non-playable characters coming to the Island as part of the new game mode.

Non-playable characters are of course NPCs and are a major part of the Fortnite experience. Fans who interact with NPCs on the island can recruit some to help in winning matches, while others can sell players unique weapons and items. While others yet can do things like show you where the storm is forming next and even transport you via rifts.

NPCs are huge for the game and getting three new uniquely designed ones is going to be a lot of fun for players to investigate and meat.

Ranking the Fornite NPCs by design

3. Boardwalk Ruby

Fortnite has a tendency to really under-deliver on their female designs, and they did it again with Boardwalk Ruby. Fortnite characters need to be crazy and cookie and all a little loopy, and when you’re just designed like someone’s neighbor, that’s disappointing.

2. Summer Drift

Like with the above mention, Summer Drift doesn’t really bring much to the table. Sure, he’s wearing a mask but it’s more of a health mask and not so much a cool, unique, character-designed mask. The hair is fine, and the accessories around his neck help but he really just seems like a “dude-bro” who keeps screaming “WHAT, YOU WANNA GO” at people for 20 minutes straight.

1. Unpeely

The giant banana wins again, though by default this time. The idea of Peely literally peeling off his skin to go tanning is horrifying.

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