Fortnite brought back the combat assault rifle but how does it stack up?

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Fortnite users once again have the option of using the combat assault rifle.

Fortnite users are used to massive updates coming ever so often. With these updates, the game sometimes adds or removes new and old items alike. Yet, Fortnite brought back a franchise favorite, the Combat Assault Rifle with the newest hotfix for v21.20.

The rifle has returned from the vault to be used in Battle Royale, Zero Build, and competitive playlists.

Fortnite has released the latest hotfix for v21.20, unvaulting the Combat Assault Rifle weapon in

The Combat Assault Rifle isn’t like other rifles that have been in the game recently, as it’s got a bigger clip than the Designated Marksman Rifle, but isn’t nearly as fast as other assault rifles that are semi or full auto.

Due to this, it’s a far better weapon for mid-range combat or for picking off foes from a distance. this makes it very useful if you aren’t looking to get into a firefight with another player.

What else came with the latest Hotfix update?

Fans should be ready for the Bargain Bin Weekend event. Starting today at 9 AM ET and running until Monday, July 18 at 9 AM, fans are going to get all sorts of discounts in the game. If you go to any NPC in the game, you’ll see that all character services are now half off for the weekend. These are done usually to help get rid of a player’s gold.

That’s not all, as there are some new competitive notes. Firstly, the Combat Assault Rifle will not be included in any competitive playlists, nor are the Bargain Bin discounts applied to the competitive playlists either.

The next update, v21.30, is coming on July 19. This will more than likely be the No Sweat Summer update.

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