For a limited time players can enjoy Fortnite Zero Build Arena

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Fans can try out Fortnite’s Zero Build Arena for a limited time.

Fortnite shook up the landscape when they announced Zero Build was coming to the game. It was introduced at the start of Chapter 3 as part of the storyline of the Imagined Order’s war against The Seven and the players of Fortnite. It was a device that took away building in the game for a few weeks.

After the storyline concluded, the game kept the concept and dubbed it Zero Build, and it brought a huge legion of fans into the game for the first time, as it prioritized combat over construction.

Now, fans of the game have until Aug. 30, 2022, to play a new trios competitive match called Zero Build Arena. The game mode is in the trial mode so it won’t be around for long, just a bit more than two more weeks.

What comes with the Zero Build Arena mode?

Some of the things you can expect with the Zero Build Arena game mode will include Hype Scoring. Hype points are part of the Arena modes, and will “feel identical” to your standard Arena but will be featured on a separate leaderboard. Since a lot of Arena modes are there to compete for free cosmetics, this is an important thing to know about.

Anyone who’s played Zero Build modes in the past will have the same array of items to pull from. We’re talking heavy snipers, shockwave grenades, and yes, even the recently returned Port-A-Fort’s. Be wary, however, as Epic Games has announced they’ll make adjustments to the mode as needed. That means things can be added or removed.

So what can you earn by playing? If you reach 400 Hype, you’ll get the Drippy Drift spray. If you reach the Contender League designation, you’ll get the GGG emoticon. If you reach the Champion League designation, you’ll get the GOATICON emoticon.

If you like the mode, play it often, as it’s likely that Fortnite will add it to the game modes if it’s a big enough hit.

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