What’s new in Fortnite’s Save the World after the v21.20 patch?

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Fortnite’s Save the World has been updated following the v21.20 patch.

The Fortnite Save the World game is still receiving updates even if the main plot of the game was resolved a long time ago. While Save the World isn’t the biggest or most popular feature in Fortnite, it’s still a game mode that many fans want to see more content for and the developers at Epic Games don’t skimp on that.

The game finally will be up to date with the movement controls of Fortnite’s other modes. You can now spring, slide, mantle, crouch, and shoulder bash in Save the World that you could in Fortnite. If you’re curious, Fortnite is confirming that these upgrades will function alongside any existing abilities your characters have in the game.

A new way to repair in Save the World has arrived, as now you can simply hold down the repair button, and “sweep” the reticle across all the items you’re looking to repair or upgrade. This is of course only available in the Save the World mode.

What else came to Fortnite’s Save the World game?

Fans who are enjoying the hoverboard mechanic can now go even faster with the vehicle. You’re also able to mount and dismount faster as well. That’s not all though, as the buildings in the missions have new layouts, including more expansive vent systems.

A new questline has been added bringing Fennix to Save the World. Fennix will get a new perk as well, the Debilitating Bite, which applies a “Damage Vulnerability” to any enemy struck by your tamed wildlife. Fennix adds a one-hit kill perk, causing them to explode when hit or eliminated. This will also cause damage to enemies that are close by.

Lastly, the summer road trip theme is still ongoing with the “Hit the road Questlines”. Cloaked Star will be broadcasting his Song of the Summer from the Radio station. By helping out Cloaked Star, you can unlock the Ankylo Kyle character, and get the Saurian Grit perk, which heals players each time your Kinetic Overload is activated.

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