What’s new in Fortnite’s creative feature after the v21.20 update

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Fortnite’s Creative got new updates for the v21.20 patch update.

Fortnite got a new patch, the V21.20 patch to be specific. It updated the game modes for Battle royale and for Save the World, but Fortnite Creative got updated as well. The new creative will reflect a lot of the new additions seen in the game elsewhere, but we’ll break them down even further.

The first major addition to the mode is the Charge SMG which will allow players to unload an entire clip into opponents after charging. It’s now available in all rarities in the creative mode. Another new addition is the Ripsaw Launcher and Firework Flare Gun. Both items are now available in-game as well.

The Baller will also have default health at 400, which is an upgrade over where it was at previously. Plus the Baller has a new option, the Grappler Range, which you can adjust on the vehicle to improve or limit the distance the grapple shoots. You can also give the Baller infinite energy, something they should bring to the base game.

What other changes were made to Fortnite’s Creative

Fortnite is also getting rid of the old Hub layout of the Creative mode, hoping to show an increase of new creative elements. The hope is to better showcase the artistic sides of players, and this means a revamped hub. There will now be eight player rifts, and one creator showcase map, which is selected by the hub creator.

Here’s a list of other changes coming to the game, courtesy of Fortnite’s official web page.

Other Additions/Changes

"Prefab & Gallery UpdatesAdded 5 other new Galleries:– Modern Art Prop Gallery– Iridescent Mountains Gallery– 3 Aurora Borealis GalleriesIsland Template UpdatesNew! Co-op Dungeon Crawler: Create a co-op maze for players to explore, where they can eliminate swarms of creatures."

Device Updates

"Wildlife Spawner: Added new receiver options to allow riding or dismounting rideable wildlife using signals:Ride When Receiving FromDismount All When Receiving FromDismount From Instigator When Receiving FromOther UpdatesStorm Sickness On/Off option added to My Island > Settings tab, Basic Storm Controller, and Advanced Storm ControllerFixed various crashesPrefab & Gallery FixesFixed a phone preview issue with assets from the Bamboo GalleryFixed an invisible prop issue with the hydrangea bushes from the Festival GalleryFixed an issue where several grass assets were unable to be targeted or deleted across multiple creative galleriesFixed an issue with switching classes making collectibles reappear in the Collectibles GalleryFixed an issue with previously placed Cloud props not appearing in Creative]"

"Device FixesFixed an issue with the Tracker device not updating when sharing is set to “All”Fixed various issues related to the Prop Mover deviceFixed an issue where the Sequencer device was not triggering properlyFixed an issue where the Tracker device was not updating with multiple teams set to Sharing: AllUpdated localization on the Accolade deviceFixed a button input issue in the ‘Select Event’ tab in the Channel 2.0 device settings where the user required a quick double button press instead of a single button pressFixed an issue with the Item Placer device where retrieved classes could still use the deviceFixed an issue where Creators could get into a state where they could not adjust the Water device settingsFixed an issue with the Water device where scaling and lowering water percentages caused various animation and VFX-related issuesFixed an issue with swim state detection not reaching the Water device’s boundaryFixed an issue with the Focus device promptFixed an issue when iterating with the Chair device multiple times locks the player to the chairFixed an issue with the Player Counter device still being visible when visualization is set to ‘Off’Fixed an issue with Guards not despawning when the ‘Dismissed’ option is active"

"Island FixesFixed an issue where Creative Island permissions were not functioning when set to ‘Everyone’Fixed an issue where Accolades were not functioning correctly on the Accolade testing island"

"Gameplay FixesFixed an issue where the Grapple Glove was unaffected by the My Island setting ‘Infinite Ammo’Fixed an issue where players could lose functionality when mounting a creature while on a dismount trigger in CreativeFixed an issue where the Grapple Glove was not interacting with intended surfacesFixed an issue where eliminated players are now shown on the scoreboard at the end of a match in CreativeFixed an issue where player collision will reset after entering a vehicle in CreativeFixed an issue where the Mounted Turret trap was being doubled when placed on player-built stairs"

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