What do the Seven Sentries force say when you walk by them

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The Seven Sentries are roaming the Fortnite map but what do they say?

When Fortnite brought the Imagined Order and The Seven’s war to the shores of the Fortnite Island, no one could’ve expected just how wild things would get. Battle blimps hovered over most of the major POIs on the island and the small cities within the island became battlefields.

We were tasked with other troops from the Seven, the Seven Sentries, to combat the forces of the Imagined Order, led by their shock trooper commander, Huntmaster Saber. With each defeat, The Seven took more and more of the island back.

Eventually, The Seven defeated the Imagined Order with one final hurrah thanks to the use of the Mecha Strike Leader and others. Yet, when the war was over, and the barricades were all taken down, we were still left with some remnants of Chapter 3, Season 2.

The Seven Sentries.

The Seven Sentries are still here but what is it they’re saying?

Fortnite made the decision to keep the Seven Sentries roaming the island during the third season; Vibin. When you walk by them, they say stuff, and it’s hard to hear what it is they’re saying. So, what is it that they’re actually telling you as you run by them?

Well, if you walk up to them, you’ll see a text box that you can clearly read. Yet, if you try to listen to what they’re saying it sounds like gibberish. So what is it they’re saying?

Well, gibberish. Like with The Sims, the Seven Sentries aren’t speaking any language, at least that we know of. It’s very possible they’re doing a Minions scenario where they’re using a collection of languages but whenever you hear one of the Sentries say something, it’s nothing but made-up sounds.

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