Ranking the current vehicles in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3

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We’re ranking every vehicle in Chapter 3, Season 3.

Fortnite broke the mold when they introduced vehicles for the first time into the game. First, it was a shopping car, and then, everything. Things like helicopters, four-wheelers, planes and so many other options have been brought into the game over the years.

As of right now, counting the animals, Fortnite has 10 rideable options that we’re including in the discussion of vehicles. Full disclosure, the animals (shark, boar, and wolf) will be included due to their rideability during the season. (You can water ski with the shark, so we’re counting it.)

These items won’t be based on anything but the base model of the vehicle, as you can improve a vehicle but we’re keeping it simple for a simple ranking.

Ranking every vehicle in Chapter 3, Season 3

10. Loot Shark

If you get the Grapple Glove, you can ride on the shark but it’s very limited. You don’t have much control and it’s more a goof than anything useful.

9. Motorboat

Even in the more watery region of the island, the motorboat is pretty useless. It’s hard to navigate and the canon isn’t very accurate. It’s better than swimming, but then again, so is landing somewhere where you don’t have to swim.

8. The Baller

The Baller’s grapple hook is intriguing but isn’t that fast when you aren’t boasting, the battery can’t be recharged and it’s not exactly the most fortified item.

7. Boar

The boar doubles as a food source if you get bored riding it, and food equals health in the game. you can’t eat anything else on the list besides the shark, so the boar is an upgrade.

6. Wolf

See boar but can also attack opponents if you get off of it.

5. Victory Motors Whiplash (high-performance)

If you’re trying to outrun someone on the streets in a straight line, the Whiplash is the best. But, uh, where is there a patch of a street that goes just straight on the island for any real distance?

4. OG Bear (truck)

Not fast, but solid handling and powerful enough to run over people.

3. Armored Battle Bus

Slow, and hard to control but has canons, carries a lot of people and can run over people in your way.

2. Island Prevalent (four-dour)

If you’re just looking to get away, your best bet is the Prevalent, it holds four people and handles like a dream.

1. Titan Mudflap (Semi-truck)

Why run away when you can just run over people? Has a lot of health and can sometimes flatten players in one hit if you’re going fast enough.

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