The Firework Flare Gun is more than just a way to celebrate the 4th of July

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Fortnite has brought back the best weapon you never use in the flare gun.

The good folks at Fortnite have finally brought back the flare gun for fans to play with. As part of the 4th of July festivities, the folks at Epic Games and Fortnite brought the wonderful flare gun back with a bit of a tweak and name change. The now name Firework Flare Gun no longer shoots flares but instead, fireworks.

The item still works as it used to, and fans can get back to finding enemies with the use of the item, all while celebrating the birth of the United States to boot. That’s not all though, as the item is back in the game thanks to the Ripsaw Launcher Week, where fans can get their hands on the new Ripsaw Launcher in far more areas in the game than just the Chop Shop in the north of the map.

The flare gun will be found on the ground in chests and in supply drops. Yet, its firework quality isn’t why you should look into getting the item.

Why you should load up on Flare Guns for the upcoming week

The Firework Flare Gun is going to be the best weapon that you can get your hands on this week. While yes, you can shoot it in the air and watch it spread fire when it lands, you can also just shoot it at enemies. If you miss, that’s ok, as the fire that spreads from it will engulf a pretty large portion of the area pretty quickly.

The best way to eliminate players, especially in Zero Build with the over shields, is to get them trapped in a fire, and then lay into them with a hail of bullets. It’s a great way to get some quick and large groups of eliminations in a pretty quick time period.

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