The Fox Fire Outfit is live but the original design was so much better

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Fortnite has released the new Fox Fire outfit but the original character design was better.

Fortnite has revealed a brand new Fox Fire outfit, and I’m sure Mozilla is totally fine with that name. Fox Fire is the male counterpart to Manic. They both have the same general look and vibe and that’s great and all, but the original concept was better.

If you want the Fox Fire character, it’s just 800 V-Bucks for the outfit, and the Fire Fangs Pickaxe and Back Bling cost another 600 V-Bucks. Joining Fox Fire is Manic, and her Scarlet Sai Back Bling and Scarlet Sai pickaxe.

So if either character strikes your fancy, get them while you can, as you never really know for long a character or item set will be available for.

The original Fortnite design for Fox Fire was so much better

Twitter user Bullzeye seemingly pitched the first idea for the male-Manic character, though he dubbed his creation Chronic. In fact, a lot of the Fox Fire character is based on the Chronic character design, with a similar look, tattoos, and even holster placement.

Yet, the Fox Fire look is a bit more basic, or “mid” as the kids say these days. It’s too uninspired. It’s like the character designer just pulled a comic book out from the mid-90s and said “that, let’s do that!”


The original design had silverish hair, and a more modern haircut, with a far less cartoony approach to the design of the body armor and tattoos. I think that’s ultimately the biggest issue, is the generic, mid-00s red tattoos. I feel like the new character is straight out of a WWE video game of the PlayStation 2.

That’s not to say it’s a terrible design, it’s just not nearly as good as the original pitch for it.

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