Some of the best original designs were back in the Fortnite store

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Fortnite brought back some great outfits that are already gone.

Fortnite is used to bringing in and removing awesome costumes in a short amount of time, but Fortnite really did fans dirty this time by bringing in the best collection of costumes they’ve ever had in one single outing.

These aren’t a collection mind you, and they’re not even from the same time period, they just all worked really well as outfits for the game.

Some of them hadn’t been around for over four years, and it’s very possible that you won’t get a shot at them anytime soon. So what were the costumes you missed? Well, let’s talk about them and rank them!

Ranking the best original costumes in Fortnite that were back for just a short time

6. Redux

Mechanic arms, a suit, and a battle vest? Hell yes. His pistol holsters are perfectly placed. Not to mention his overall look is like an accountant who moonlights as a robot assassin.

5. Bracer

Bracer is awesome. She feels like the last surviving member of the Burger King Kid’s Club out for revenge for the death of her fellow club members. She’s got a dope vest and sunglasses that make every fan of Bret Hart in the early 90s jealous.

4. Highland Warrior

The female companion to Battle Hound, the Highland Warrior came with an awesome look that screamed battle-ready. Her removable helmet was just another selling point.

3. Kyra

Kyra is the only character on this list that doesn’t scream combat-ready. She’s more a trick-sport star waiting to break out. Her blonde hair and tan skin design mesh in well with her neon green look. She screams excitement.

2. Battle Hound

Battle Hound is this high because he looks like King from Virtua Fighter. But with a cape and tattoos.

1. Big Chuggus

He’s Bane but with Slurp running through his outfit and not Venom.

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