Fortnite hints at the next location that will change due to the Reality Tree

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The Reality Tree in Fortnite is spreading but where is it going next?

Fortnite’s Reality Tree is changing the island and maybe not for the better. We’ve already seen the Logjam Lumberyard and Butter Barn POIs get changed by the tree’s roots that are spreading across the island, but more are on their way.

For those not aware, the Logjam Lumber Yard and Butter Barn are now constantly changing each game with each location having a variety of different-looking POIs that could appear in their place. The new Logjam Lumber Yard is called Logjam Lotus and the Butter Barn is now the Butter Bloom.

These name changes match the new POI’s ability to change how they look. Apparently, another location is about to get the Reality Tree treatment. According to the official Fortnite Competitive Twitter account, that location is the temple between Rocky Reels and the Joneses near the southeast portion of the map.

The new location is going to be called Temple Bloom, a tongue-in-cheek reference to the Temple of Doom, which is fitting, as Indiana Jones is going to join the game this season.

Fortnite will keep changing locations but it may backfire

The decision to shake up the map with these POIs that change is being done to spice up the map and game. Since the season is running through September, it’s obvious that Epic Games and Fortnite don’t want to bore players by having them drop into the same locations without some sort of shakeup.

The problem is that a lot of players, myself included, learn the layout of the map like the back of their hand and use it to their advantage. Now, with all of these POIs getting overhauled, it takes away from the ability to learn the layout of the area, due to the constant changing.

It may work for some, but that doesn’t mean it won’t have an ill effect on everyone else.

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