Ripsaw Launcher Week is here in Fortnite but what does it include?

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Ripsaw Launcher Week is here in Fortnite.

Fortnite is always doing something wild with their stuff. Some weeks it’s all about bows and arrows, other weeks it’s about riding animals. This week, it’s all about horse…horsepower that is. This week Fortnite wants you to get your hands on a Ripsaw Launcher and go do the work.

Fortnite is asking players to go pick up the new Ripsaw Launcher that just dropped last week and take up the quest of, well, destroying stuff. Until July 5, 2022, at 8:59 AM, the Ripsaw Launcher is now in an abundance of supply around the island.

Originally they were just found in the Chop Shop near the northernmost part of the island, but now you can get them from the ground, chests, and supply drops according to the official announcement for the week.

From Epic

"Ripsaw Launcher Week – Demolition DispatchBeen causing destruction with Ripsaw Launchers? To celebrate their recent arrival, Ripsaw Launcher Week is live now! Find Ripsaw Launchers in higher supply from June 28 at 9 AM ET to July 5, 2022, at 8:59 AM ET. In addition to their usual Chop Shop spot, you can now get them from the ground, Chests, and Supply Drops in abundance. Let ‘er rip during Ripsaw Launcher Week!Ripsaw Launcher RundownTake up a Ripsaw Launcher to send a sawblade flying. Even after gravity sends the sawblade to the ground, it’ll roll and create chaos in its path. Whether flying or rolling, the sawblade will destroy each structure in its way, potentially felling towering builds. Sawblades also have the power to damage (and knock back) players and cars. Ripsaw Launchers contain multiple sawblades, so send sawblades in spades.But that’s not all there is to the Ripsaw Launcher. Rev it up more to increase the range and velocity of the sawblade projectile — or hold the rev to make the Ripsaw Launcher a melee weapon! As you’re holding the rev, the sawblade will spin around so fast that it’ll be hazardous to structures (and somewhat to foes). It’s wise to reserve the Ripsaw Launcher’s final sawblade for melee action, so that you can keep using the weapon to tear down what’s in your path!"

Ripsaw Launcher Week is a good way to get players into the new weapon

The Ripsaw Launcher is not the best weapon in the game but it is a nice variety item. It can cut through anything for a 10-second span after it’s launched, or players can hold onto it and use it as a chainsaw-type weapon, allowing the player to conserve ammo.

The problem with it is that it isn’t something you can just find ammo for. So either you’re being very sparse with its use or you’re carrying a bunch of them, but either way, this is the perfect week to see if you can’t get better with the item.

I myself find it useless against enemies and as I play a lot of Zero Build, it isn’t exactly something I would say is the most useful in that mode.

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