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Top 5 Gaming is back with a brand new video on glitches.

Top5Gaming is back once again with a brand new video and man, for a game that earns so much money from players, you’d think there wouldn’t be so many glitches in the game this late in the process. Especially with some of these, yet, that’s just how video games are. Heck, that’s how anything with code is.

You could add a back-bling that has a bulb and for some reason, the dang thing crashes the game. It’s whacky like that, but it also brings us so much hilarity. It’s like a movie or show’s blooper reel. Nothing but hilarity.

Yet, that said, the first glitch in the video looks like the horrific ending from Junji Ito’s “The Enigma of Amigara Fault”. Otherwise known as nightmare fuel. So, don’t look that up if you want to sleep tonight.

The funniest part of any glitch video is how rare they are, at least for me. I only remember dealing with one glitch, it was one that made the speed boats bug out and tweek as you were driving them. It would just constantly flip back and forth.

Top three Fortnite glitches to look for

Juggling Shark Glitch

There’s something satisfying about watching a player use the new Ripsaw to keep a shark at bay. The shark is one of the least enjoyable aspects of the game, and it feels almost justified to see him get wrecked.

Launch Pad Elimination

Now, this is a glitch but an avoidable one, the player definitely didn’t heed the advice to deploy their glider. If they had, they would’ve landed nice and calmly and not suffered a needless elimination.

Baller Ramp

This glitch just makes me want to try it and see if I can launch myself across the island too.

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