Ranking the Vaulted for a Year designs in the store

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Fortnite has dusted off some long-forgotten designs.

Fortnite uses its costumes and items like collectibles, so they’re constantly putting new things on the shelves and taking them off. Not only are they taking off these items and vaulting them for some time, but they’re doing so for longer and longer periods of time.

By “vaulting” these items, they raise their prestige and significance, allowing them to sell them for more and more each time they’re “unvaulted”. Now, Fortnite has brought out a bunch of old items Some not seen since last June, others not seen for over 1,000 days. What is currently available? Well, Fortnite News has the full list here;

"Unreal Chill Music Pack (last seen 429 days ago)Clockwork Wrap (last seen 1,009 days ago)Hula Emote (last seen 415 days ago)Flippin’ Incredible Emote (last seen 394 days ago)Waveripper Outfit (last seen 593 days ago)White Dragon Wrap (last seen 992 days ago)Pickin’ Emote (last seen 395 days ago)Widow’s Web Wrap (last seen 630 days ago)Twistie Outfit (last seen 468 days ago)Starflare Outfit (last seen 420 days ago)Bobbin’ Emote (last seen 426 days ago)Flux Flier Glider (last seen 790 days ago)Bigfoot Outfit (last seen 609 days ago)Glyphic Emote (last seen 874 days ago)Tri-Hook Pickaxe (last seen 583 days ago)Fortnite Classics Bundle (last seen 704 days ago)"

The items will be available for about one week.

Ranking the Year-Plus vaulted designs

4. Twistie

Twistie is the scary-as-heck love child of a Crash Test Dummy and the Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tubeman. Its horrific look and creepy design will give the strongest of us nightmares.

3. Starflare Outfit

The Starflare outfit isn’t bad, but it lacks the oomph that is needed to stand out. It feels more like a bargain bind action figure from the 90s that had some kinda hokey, knockoff names like the Revengers, The Y-Persons, or the Inadequate League of Morality.

2. Waveripper Outfit

He’s got the same issue that Starflare has but his has the added benefit of a mask. I know it’s not much but it’s more than just a suit that makes you think of an X-Men knockoff. To be fair, Waverider is the unwanted love child of James Bond Jr. and Action Man, so you know; not better.

1. Bigfoot Outfit

It’s Bigfoot. Don’t “at” me.

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