3 new Peely ideas that Fortnite can bring into the game

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Peely has stolen my heart and I want to see more of the yellow star.

So I’m on the Peely hype train, I admit it. It may only be a one-car type situation, with the lever in the middle, but that’s fine. I’m here for it and I’m willing to roll with the Peely-nator. Yet, how can we only have nine Peely outfits, Fortnite?

We need at least 10, if not 12.

So we need to get together and roll out a new Peely design. The two most recent releases came in December of 2021 as part of their Christmas/holiday giveaway; with that design being aptly named Polar Peely. The most recent came in February of 2022 with the Toon Peely design.

We want to add to the Peely-mania, so we have three new ideas that may be of interest to Fortnite. Ones that don’t involve pajamas.

Three new Peely designs for Fortnite to look into

“Peelyween” – Peely but as a banana-shaped pumpkin.

Technically we already have Peely Bone but he’s a bit much for younger players. This one would be much more in line with the all-ages idea of Fortnite. It’d be a simple orange skin with the standard Peely-face being re-designed to model more of a Jack-O-Lantern look.

“Peelyclause” – Peely but dressed up as Santa

Now, you may not like the idea but hear me out. It’s Peely, but with a red cap, a big ol’ white beard that drags, and nothing else. He can come with antlers as his pick ax or sleigh bells. Plus his whole backstory is him looking for his reindeer, which are just a collection of coconuts.

Chocolate-Dipped Peely – Peely but with a chocolate-covered top portion

Imagine a chocolate-covered Peely that’s dripping chocolate whenever he moves. Maybe that’s too much in the animation department but imagine him whipping around a chocolate pick ax? How gnarly would that be?

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