Fans can now get some free Naruto Rivals cosmetics

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Fortnite fans can now compete for some free Naruto Rivals cosmetics.

Fortnite has brought back the Fortnite X Naruto partnership with their second wave of costumes and accessories as part of the Naruto Rivals collection. The new set includes the characters of Hinata, Gaara, Itachi, and Orochimaru. They of course come with new back blings, pick axes, wraps, and emotes but if you’re satisfied with all that, you can now compete for some new free accessories.

You may be asking yourself, how, and that’s a good question. All you have to do is compete The Nindo 2022 Challenges to get free Naruto Rivals cosmetics.

Competing The Nindo quests by July 7 at 11:59 PM ET, will give you four new emoticons, a new wrap, and a new glider; as well as 20,000 XP. If you don’t want to do the challenges, you can purchase the glider, (Manda Glider) and the wrap (Akatsuki Wrap) in the store.

How to enter and compete in the Nindo 2022 Challenges

If you’re looking to enter the competition to get the free cosmetics, you’re going to have to go to Fornite’s official Nindo website (click here). The Nindo Challenges are divided up in fours and represent each new character.

They’re called “Paths” and there’s the “PATH OF ITACHI”, “PATH OF GAARA”, “PATH OF HINATA”, and “PATH OF OROCHIMARU”.

To earn a badge with Itachi, you have earned five Top 6 finishes in Battle Royale. Gaara’s path starts with you surviving 24 storm circles, Hinata’s path has you catching 20 fish, and Orochimaru’s path has you earning 18 eliminations.

There may be more challenges to complete on each person’s path but the Fortnite Nindo website doesn’t do a great job listing all the possible quests that you may go on, or do a great job of explaining if these four tasks are all you need to do.

So the best bet is to sign up and find out for yourself if you’re interested.

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