Fortnite 101: What should you carry with you in your item slots if you’re new to Fortnite

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Are you new to Fortnite? We have some advice for your items lots.

Are you new to Fortnite? It can be a bit overwhelming when you first started, especially when it comes to what you should carry. With there only being five item slots, it’s hard to know exactly what you will need or could use. It’s a very daunting experience.

That’s why we’re here to help you. If you’ve been wondering what type of things to carry with you, you may want to scope out our suggestions. That’s key to keep in mind as well, these are just suggestions, not a foolproof plan for victory.

If you’re looking for some advice, this will be the best possible assortments we could think of depending on your skillset.

What should Fortnite fans carry in their item slots for first-time players?

So first, let’s break down what you have available to you. You have your close-range weapons, your pistols, shotguns, and automatic machine guns. You have your mid-range stuff, like your assault rifles, and of course your long-range weapons like your sniper rifle. You also have things like grenades, fireflies, shockwave grenades, rift-to-go’s, and of course, your healing items.

So a good rule of thumb is don’t worry about the heavy sniper. They’re good to stop vehicles and bust open walls but as far as a firefight goes, they’re useless. You want a mid-to-long-range weapon, so use a DMR for your long-range weapon. It can also double as a mid-range weapon too.

You’re probably going to run into more competition than you will see them from a distance, so close-range stuff is imperative. Carry a machine gun and a shotgun with you, just make sure you’re carrying the weapons that you feel most comfortable using.

As for the other slots, decide if you want to escape or be able to heal, then build out your item list accordingly. There is no one item that can replenish both your health and shield all the way. So if you’re thinking of carrying an escape item like a shockwave grenade or rift-to-go, and a health item, don’t bother. You’ll only be healing yourself halfway, making it rather pointless. You’ll want to wait until you got a few dozen hours in the game before you mix and match items.

You’ll need to find items like fruit, fish, and other things in the game to make carrying a singular healing item effective. That takes time to get used to.

If you want the ability to get away from attackers, a few rift-to-go’s and a stock of six shockwave grenades will help you achieve that. If you want to carry healing items, you want one that focuses on your health and one that focuses on your shield.

The health sprays and shield kegs are the best combos, as you can carry two kegs, throw one, and use the health spray to heal your health while the keg replenishes your shield. Another option is to carry two sets of six chug splashes. Six chug splashes will give you 120 points of recovery towards your health and shield, with your health being addressed first. These are nifty as you can throw them on the go, and not worry about waiting to consume the items.

As you get used to playing, you’ll want to adapt and change up your variables, just so you can get a better feeling about everything that you are capable of doing.

For me, I like carrying a heavy rifle, a DMR, fireflies, shock grenades, and chug splashes. I know where a lot of the consumables are, and I know i can replenish my shield through various fruits, fish, and other items while I’m on the move. As you play more and get used to the game, don’t be afraid to experiment with different loadouts

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