Fortnite needs to do something to fix the harpoon gun or get rid of it

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The harpoon gun is a broken mess and it’s time to re-evaluate its place.

The harpoon gun in Fortnite is a very interesting weapon and in theory, should be a really useful weapon. The weapon works on a few levels. The first is by dealing damage when the harpoon strikes the player. It does solid damage, afflicting 75 damage to a player struck. It also yanks the opponent towards you. It happens pretty quickly, so you may have a full second to then unload on them before they know what happened.

On paper, the ability to damage your enemy and disorient them at the same time is a great idea, but the problem comes down to the hit-box of the item. It’s nearly impossible to hit someone moving.

From my own personal experience, I saw the harpoon’s target land on the player and despite having them dead to rights, the harpoon missed. The item is among the most inaccurate in the game, and considering its long re-set time and uncertain accuracy, makes it one of the worst items to go into a battle with.

Fortnite needs to fix and update the harpoon gun in Fortnite

Making the weapon more accurate would be useful. It would certainly give players a reason to use it, as it doesn’t make any sort of noise that would be detectable by other players. This means you can use it without appearing as a red dot on the compass.

Yet, if you don’t want to fix the targeting, give it more shots, and allow yourself to use it in the same manner as the grapple glove, just without the glove. If you can not only attack people with it and pull items to you, but use it to swing away, then more people would want to use it, and it wouldn’t be the Fortnite equivalent of Booster from Jingle All The Way.

Basically, turn it into the hookshot, and allow more uses for it.

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