Fortnite needs to cut down on the heavy sniper rifle drops

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Fortnite has been dropping loads of heavy snipers and it needs to stop.

When Fortnite vaults a bunch of weapons as seasons change, there’s a reason behind it. They’re usually about to drop a whole lot of new stuff for fans to use in various game modes, but to get there, you have to go through a period where Fortnite just unleashes a bulk of the same weapons time and time again in a match.

With the game currently dealing with a relatively light amount of variety in regards to weapons, you’ll see a lot of the same ones pop up time and time again. The one that seems to be plaguing the nightmares of players is the heavy sniper and not for the reasons you might think.

The heavy sniper is everywhere in the latest season of the game and that’s starting to become a problem; especially with how rare the hammer rifle and DMR are to find in comparison. This really needs to stop.

Fortnite has got to do a better job restricting items like the heavy sniper

The heavy sniper may be a weapon in Fortnite but it’s really more of an accessory. It has zero value as anything but a long-range weapon. A weapon like the DMR, which is a mid-to-long-range rifle, can be used in any situation in a pinch. It’s not the most effective up close but if it’s all you got, you can survive an encounter and may be able to eliminate someone in the same space.

If you’re dropping into a heavily populated area like Coney Crossroads and the first weapon you get is a heavy sniper, you’re basically screwed.

The heavy sniper isn’t exactly the best option in the game and it’s up there with the revolver as weapons in this current Fortnite season that has players feeling they’re lacking in reliable weaponry.

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