Dropping In: Why the lighthouse is a good place to start

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The lighthouse is a great drop-in spot to start your Fortnite game.

Fortnite is a complex game when you really think about it. Sure, the gist of it is simple, survive but you really have to play quite a bit to realize just how complex such a simple concept is. It all starts with dropping in. The game wants you to think all spots are the same, but that’s not true.

Firstly, you don’t want to drop in to a place with extreme elevation shifts. So we’re talking no canyons, no big trees with waterfalls, no Tilted Towers. You want as few shifts in the line of sight as possible. You also want a place that has chests to pillage but not a lot of competition to get them.

There are a few of these places, but we’re looking at one in particular; Lofty Lighthouse. It’s not hard to find the lighthouse but if you can’t, it’s right near the center north portion of the island. It’s in the same area as Sleepy Sound.

What makes Lofty Lighthouse so good for fans to drop in at?

Well, there are several reasons that Lofty Lighthouse makes for a good place to start a match. Firstly, the loot. There are a ton of possible chests in a short area. There are sometimes two in the lighthouse, one at the top and one at the bottom. Then there are sometimes two behind the lighthouse, on the top part and bottom part of the deck. Then there are sometimes two on the beach just to the top left of the lighthouse. You’ll have to slide down the hill to reach the little cove the chests are at. Then there’s sometimes two on the path into town, along with a Slurp tank you can bust open.

Now you’ll usually find at least four chests in the area on any given day so be willing to explore the area some.

Staying ahead of the storm is key, and finding a location that has access to transportation as well as chests is important for surviving for as long as possible. Finding transportation can be key, and the area around the lighthouse, Sleepy Sounds, has all sorts of vehicles. You’ll also have direct access to two direct paths, one through Sleepy Sound on foot into the housing region, or onto a zip-line to a more remote part of the island.

That all depends on how you want to play; direct confrontation or not. Keep in mind if you go through Sleepy Sound, there’s usually a lot of combat, but not at the lighthouse.

That’s what makes the lighthouse so valuable as well, while sometimes you’ll have competition, it’s not a certainty. If you drop into a town, you’ll have your hands full, but at the lighthouse, you’ll be able to avoid too much in the way of rival opponents.

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