3 things we think should eplace the Daily Bugle in Fortnite

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The Daily Bugle is still in Fortnite after nearly seven months and we’re asking what should replace it?

Fortnite has been rocking the Daily Bugle for over a half-of-year. While it’s not unexpected for a point of interest like a small city to stay on the map for months if not years, it’s odd that a crossover item like the Daily Bugle has been here for that long. It’s bound to come to an end eventually, and we can’t seem to think of a reason why it’s really still there.

Sure, maybe they’re waiting for the next big crossover, and maybe they don’t have any items or ideas that best fit in the abandoned volcano just yet, but when they do, it really should be time to replace it.

The area is exciting to explore if you’re a fan of the slice of life style gaming, but as far as a place to drop in, it’s right next to Titled Towers and The Reality Tree as places that provide too much in the way of elevation changes and places for enemies to ambush you at. It’s a basic death trap.

So we have some ideas we can use to replace the POI.

Three ideas to replace the Daily Bugle

Dragon Ball POI – Preferred Roshi’s island

Dragon Ball really needs to come to the island, it belongs here. Especially if you got the Team Fourstar crew to do the voices of some of the guys. If that happens, Roshi’s island would fit nicely in the middle of the volcano, along with some typical Dragon Ball plateaus.

A Star Wars POI – Preferred Vader’s Fortress

It’s a volcano, and Darth Vader is in the game. Vader’s fortress is on a planet with lava pouring out of the place like water. I mean, it’s the perfect place for Vader’s Fortress. You know, a to-scaled version of it, at least. Like they did with the Daily Bugle

Camp Cuddle


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