Grapple glove vs. Spider-Man’s web-shooters; which Fortnite item is better?

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The Grapple Glove is here but how does it stack up to Spider-Man’s web-shooters?

Fortnite wanted to bring back the web-slinger for Fortnite, so they decided to introduce their own version, the grapple glove. The grapple glove was to work just like the web-shooters but with a more limited amount of grapples.

They’re not found in chests, or attached to buildings, but are in designated areas, with a shack built around them. These shacks are spray-painted with neon colors and thumping music, so you won’t miss them. Each shack, that I’m aware of, has two containers. They’re purple (dark blue?) and white, which blends in with some of the colors used.

In these containers, at the shack, are the new grapple gloves that players can use to swing around the map. They’re limited in their use and do have a cool-down time, but how do they stack up against the Spider-Man web shooter?

The grapple glove is no comparison to the Spider-Man’s web-shooters

You know that meme, “Mom can we have…” where the kids want a PlayStation or pizza from Pizza Hut and the mom replies, “No, we have _ at home” and the item is never the same? Instead of a PlayStation, it’s actually an atari at home, or instead of a pizza from Pizza Hut, it’s some frozen, cardboard cutout wanna-be pizza?

That’s what we’re dealing with here. The grapple glove is the item at home, your mom thinks are web-shooters. To boil it down even further; the grapple gloves suck.

Reducing the number of swings you had per game was smart, as the web-shooters were really overpowered. Yet, the new grapple gloves suffer from something that no one was really wanting to see change; the velocity at which you move when using them.

You are slow, and I mean slow when using the grapple glove. The web-shooters moved you at a high rate and it made you feel like you were a superhero zipping through the air. The grapple glove feels like something your perpetually drunk uncle made one weekend, while on a bender. They’re not worth going to find.

So the next time you ask Fortnite “Can we have the web-shooters?” and they say “You have web-shooters in Fortnite, already”; just know I feel for you. These are a poor imitation of the web-slingers and Fortnite should’ve done better.

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