Best way to escape from an opponent using the Rift-To-Go

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Have you found yourself trying to outrun a competitor in Fortnite? We can help.

So you’re running from a player in Fortnite who really is deadset on eliminating you. As someone who has literally hunted players across the map once I see them, I apologize for any issues you may have had. It’s not fun to be unable to out chase someone. So what should you do if you’re in that situation again? Well, having a Rift-to-Go seems like a pretty obvious item to use.


Well, it is, but it isn’t the end all be all. See, Fortnite allows players to open up rifts with the Rift-to-Go’s but in doing so, you leave open a rift for anyone else to use as well; namely, the person chasing after you, hoping for fairly easy elimination.

In this scenario, you’re either trapped or too low on health to try to fight, so you rip out the Rift-to-Go, and poof, you’re gone. Yet, the guy you thought you evaded is now following you through the skies of the Fortnite island, still deadset on eliminating you.

As you glide to the ground, you know they’re not far behind; so what do you do?

How to successfully evade someone with a Rift-to-Go

You’ve used the Rift-to-Go and they’re right behind you; now what?

First, look for a large area with buildings around. Buildings usually mean cars, somewhere. So look for places that are close to you like Tilted Towers, Greasy Grove, Coney Crossroads, etc. If you’re not going to make it to any of the more city-like areas, look for large structures or any place that may have construction.

Secondly, as you’re descending, look for a car. Hopefully, you’re in an area with some buildings or near an overpass, as the goal is going to be to land in that car and accelerate under an overpass or through a small building. You want to make sure they can’t land on your vehicle and join you. That defeats the purpose. Look for any vehicle that has a boost function first, which will help get you ahead of your pursuer.

Thirdly, if you weren’t able to shake them upon landing, then you’re going to have to get creative. As you’re speeding away, now with the unwanted passenger you have two options, bail from the vehicle and look for another, or find a launch platform to help get away. If this doesn’t work, then your best bet is to either spam an action. Either change seats in the car, until they are unable to shoot you, or they get out, allowing you to move back to the driver seat and leave; or get out of the car and back in forcing them to follow. Then take your shot and drive away.

If you’re near a cliff, you could just drive the car off, and jump out at the last minute, forcing them over the edge and you a chance to run for the hills.

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