Fortnite should do away with hiring NPCs for clear and obvious reasons

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Fortnite should do away with the purchasable NPCs for beyond obvious reasons.

I had a thought the other day when I was lamenting the stupidity of being able to re-load, heal and fire your weapons while on beast-back. Being able to ride animals is an absolute game-breaker for Fortnite. It’s gotten to the point where I’m pretty sure I’m committing small-scale genocide on the boar population just to be sure no one can come back, get on one and haunt me later.

It made me think though, that this isn’t too dissimilar from hiring an NPC to help take down your opponents. I never had a problem with that before, so why now? Well, I just watched a video from Top5Gaming a few weeks back about people who get banned from the game and why.

Well, apparently, if you’re in Battle Royale and you’re helping another player in a last man standing, single-player battle, you’re going to get banned. So why are you allowed to get help from the NPCs?

Is this like a movie theater situation, where you can’t bring your own food or drink but they have theirs for you at an insane mark-up?

If you can’t partner up in Battle Royale, then why are you allowed to buy the services of an NPC?

Fortnite needs to do away with NPC purchases and being able to ride animals

Let’s be honest, this game is hard enough as is, and there are so many variables to worry about when you’re touching down. The best bet to help balance this stuff is to get rid of things like NPC purchasable and riding animals.

At least in the solo Battle Royale modes.

If you’re doing duos, trios, or four-team games, they have more of a place I think, as you’re not just on your own. But when every other player in this game is coming for you, sometimes 99 different players, there’s really no reason to stack the odds so much for one player just by where you land.

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