Watch: Top5Gaming’s 20 Most HATED Things In Fortnite SEASON 3

Wizards of the Coast/Epic Games
Wizards of the Coast/Epic Games /

Fortnite’s newest season is here but is there things to not like?

Fortnite is not always going to cater to everyone. There are going to be things that people don’t like about the game or the current season. That’s fine. Be it the way they make money off the ever-changing locker of costumes you can purchase, the new ability to ride animals that break the game (in my opinion), or even just changes to weapon stats.

There’s always going to be something that upsets fans, and that’s ok. Not everything is perfect and not everyone is always going to be happy.

Top5Gaming compiled their Top 20 things from Fornite Chapter 3, Season 3 that they didn’t like and some of them are fine, but one really stands out the most to me.

The animal riding is the worst but the lack of follow-up to the story hurts too.

The desire for Fortnite to extend certain story arcs longer than they need to is my biggest gripe from season to season. Having only experienced so few of the story updates, I was a bit surprised that we got no follow-up to the Foundation and Jones’ story at the conclusion of season two.

You’d think with such a huge story arc, and the “to be continued”, that Season 3 would start with a huge reveal but we were left without and that was frankly disappointing.

Still, as much as that one sucked, the animal riding in Fortnite has been just awful. It’s so busted and there’s no way to combat the over-powered new ability. If people thought the B.R.U.T.E. mechs were overpowered in past seasons, man, they must hate these things.

That said, this season, as the video said, is largely pretty good and those are really my only two complaints.

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