Is Fortnite’s Imposter Mode a true competitor for Among Us?

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Despite the Among Us and Fortnite partnership, we can’t forget about Imposter.

Fortnite has officially marched out their partnership with Among Us, by revealing new back bling that players can purchase in the shop. The back bling isn’t anything unexpected, just the character models from the franchise that are slapped onto your back.

They look fine, but it’s kinda disappointing that, like with the Pac-Man crossover, all we’re getting is back bling. It would be a bit harder to bring these characters into the game but I’m sure the creative teams at Epic Games could’ve come up with some creepy and odd-looking costume.

The crossover between the two games is one of the more unexpected ones, only because of the fact both games have found themselves occupying the same space.

Fortnite introduced their own game mode like Among Us called Imposters

Fortnite decided to take a part of Among Us’ pie by creating their very own version of their game in Fortnite. It’s called Imposters and it’s not bad.

The premise is that you’re one of two groups of people, the Agents, who are working to keep the in-game Bridge afloat despite numerous issues, and the Imposters, the guys who are trying to destroy the Bridge and eliminate the Agents.

There are only two Imposters for every game, and each game is divided up into rounds of sorts. Whenever an eliminated player is discovered, a vote is called for and the group votes to see which person they feel the imposter is.

You can also call for a vote whenever if you truly know who the imposter is or if you’re simply trying to throw off people your scent.

It’s relatively fun and a nice way to get a change of pace from the traditional Fortnite game. Is it better than Among Us? I haven’t played Among Us, but I’m going to say no. Among Us was built specifically for this game mode, so it may not be as clunky as Imposters.

Imposters is fun, just not fun enough on its own.

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