Fortnite PlayStation Plus Celebration Pack is a hit but in the wrong season

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Fortnite has introduced a PlayStation Plus exclusive.

You can play Fortnite just about anywhere, from PlayStation to your computer to your phone and even your Nintendo Switch. Depending on where you play the game, you may be able to get some interesting and unique items for your Fortnite locker.

One of those can be yours if you’re part of PlayStation’s PlayStation Plus membership. For the month of June, you can now get the 18th Fortnite Celebration Pack, only available to PlayStation users who has a PlayStation Plus account.

This is the newest pack, which followed the 17th, released in March. So now that the 18th one is here, the question is; is it worth it? Well, that’s up to you. This release is called the “Blizzard Bomber Outfit” and comes with Mountaineer’s Must-Haves Back Bling as part of its design.

The look is certainly unique and for an exclusive item it’s not the worst thing imaginable, but there is one glaring flaw. It’s the wrong season for such a look.

Fortnite released a winter skin during the Vibin summer season

This seems like a blunder, no? It’s the start of the summer season, Fortnite is rolling out their Vibin season which is all about the fun of summer, chilling and relaxing, and they release an exclusive skin for…the winter?

That’s gotta be a joke, right? Epic Game is usually on the ball, and I know with exclusives you’re just supposed to like whatever you get because that’s how exclusive’s go, but with the release of a winter-themed outfit at the start of summer, we gotta ask if someone wasn’t paying attention?

For the Christmas give-aways this past year, fans got two free outfits, which were both very timely and seasonal, so there’s no excuse for this. If you’re Fortnite, you gotta stop and ask yourself when are these items coming out, and make sure they do a better job corresponding with the theme of the season.

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